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Financial Self Defense COVID 19

Your Future

Helping you take care of yourself and your family is a high priority for us.  Our video below will show you why you need 7 essential documents in place - right now - to protect you and your family from both financial and health hardships.

These documents, which are available to you at no cost can be the difference between your well-being and…

  • Needlessly spending thousands of dollars,   
  • Getting bogged down in both medical and financial red tape, and   
  • Unnecessarily creating a daunting burden of stress.

Taking care of these 7 items now will provide you with the means to easily and efficiently handle unexpected problems in the future.  Watch this video to learn how you can protect yourself and your family.


Your friends, neighbors and relatives need these documents, too!  Feel free to share this page with those you know who may benefit from some peace of mind during this time of unrest.  

You can send us a note in the box below or call us at 512-514-6644 to discuss any questions you may have and for assistance in filling out and filing these important documents.  You can also reach us at

Keep Safe and Healthy,

Your Team at Legacies Today, LLC