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Martin Oberli

Martin Oberli

Senior Financial Analyst

Martin serves as the lead manager for Financial Research and Technical Analysis where he focuses on investment strategies and portfolio management for Legacy Portfolio Advisors, LLC.  He has extensive national and international experience at global multinational companies as well as start-ups. At Dell Computers he served as a Senior Analytics Consultant and Sales Support. At Nestle, the largest worldwide food company, he served as Corporate Strategic Planning Consultant, Marketing Product Manager, and Industrial Productivity Manager. Martin has also served as Portfolio and Business Development Manager at Choice Asset Management, Inc. a Broker/Dealer and Financial Advisory firm located in Austin TX.

Martin was born and raised in Chile where he received his Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.  After moving to the US in 2004, Martin obtained his  Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2006.  He fluently speaks Spanish, German, Swiss-German and Portuguese, and enjoys outdoor activities and social gatherings with friends and family.